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Regarding the Work of Rebecca McLean

Hospitals and Physicians

Rebecca trained our social services, health education, nursing, OT and PT staff in the use of the The Circle of Life Program. It was a tremendous experience for all involved. We are now using the Circle process in our 10 week medical symptom reduction program, which is a great success. We have woven it in to all of our support group activities for patients and use it as a component of our staff wellness program. The Circle of Life is also being used in our community outreach programming. - Rosemarie Johnson, Director of Health Improvement, St. Charles Hospital, Bend, OR

Rebecca has presented mind/body, holistic health improvement, stress mastery, and self-empowerment trainings since the early 80's at our hospital. She utilizes the Circle of Life process, which tailors every training to employee's individual needs. Therefore we have made her trainings available for the whole hospital staff over the years. Her workshops are very educational, bright and fun! - Linda Hoover, RN, Human Resources Training, Cottage Hospital

I can highly recommend the supreme quality of Rebecca McLean's work based upon the many trainings she provided at our hospital for nurses, administration, and the general public. I have experienced the excellence of her work through being a private client as well. Rebecca knows how to inform, inspire and catalyze breakthrough and change. She teaches skills for how to keep oneself moving forward to the higher ground of attaining health and life goals. Our staff has implemented exercise walking, breath practice for stress management and remembering to drink more water throughout the day since her last workshop. - Kathy Morgan, Head of Nursing Education, Goleta Valley Hospital

I have been referring patients to Rebecca for group and individual coaching for health and lifestyle improvement for over six years. I have found that when behavioral and personal empowerment programming are combined with our clinical protocols, our patients have greater, faster and more long lasting results. Patient feedback on Rebecca's work has been excellent! - Walt Lewis, MD, Santa Barbara Medical Foundation Clinic

I have known Rebecca and referred patients to her for over 15 years. Her mind, body, spirit approach to health has been a really healing medicine to my patients. They often make significant lifestyle changes because of her gentle, inspiring and informative influence. Frequently, they have been very expressive of their appreciation that I have referred them to her. Rebecca is compassionate, high integrity, and competent in her work and very soothing in her nature. - Richard Danson, MD, Internal Medicine

Business and Corporate

Rebecca presented many excellent workshops over the years for our county Resource Management and Public Works departments. The Circle of Life was used to assess what is "in or out of balance " in our work and personal lives. We use the "Circle" process to clarify direction, clear barriers, and create step by step action and accountability plans. We have implemented it as part of our continuous improvement (CQI) process, with ongoing success. - Louise Ward, Resource Management Department, County of Santa Barbara

Rebecca's wellness trainings have had such raving reviews from our employees that she has presented for five years at all our branches. We love the inspiring yet practical methods of the Circle of Life to maintain a healthy mind and body, and how to clarify and manifest one's health, work, and personal life goals. - Joyce Spezman Margolin, Vice President, Santa Barbara Bank and Trust

I highly recommend any trainings on peak performance, wellness and stress mastery given by Rebecca McLean. Her programs are truly top-rated and energizing for teams and individuals. - Chris Byrne, Assistant Vice President Operations, Dean Witter Inc

Schools and Government

Life Changing! Breakthrough experience! Fun! Inspiring! We learned life long tools for living a balanced, joyful and healthful life! These are only a few of the glowing evaluations we received from our annual statewide conference. Rebecca was our key speaker. Her training leaves participants with inspiring revelations as well as practical skills for how keep their life moving in a positive direction. - Mary Bingle, California Association of Educational Office Professionals

Ms. McLean presented a series of programs for teachers and elementary school children throughout our county school district. To say that the staff was extremely pleased is an understatement! The teachers rated her programs as excellent! She is a delight to work with and knows how to tune-into her audience. - Robert Pierce, Principal of Ellwood School

Rebecca McLean presented a comprehensive mind/body, stress mastery and life enhancement program for our professors, graduate students, and department heads. The feedback was outstanding! The self- inquiry, goal , barrier, affirmation, action and acceptability method is now being used by many of the participants in their work and personal lives. - Daniel Levine, PhD Santa Monica College

Individual Clients

From the day I walked into Rebecca's clinic my whole life began to turn around - from tremendous physical pain, despair and hopelessness to life purpose, and physical strength. She took me through the 12 aspects of the Circle of Life process and helped me focus on what I could do to create the life I wanted. Instead of almost ending my life at 20, I am now healthy and am helping others! Rebecca is a gifted teacher and coach. - J. Bradley

I met Rebecca when I was almost 50. My marriage of 30 years was in the midst of divorce, my relationship with my mother and daughter were not good, and I did not have a livelihood. I needed to make so many decisions about my life. Rebecca was masterful in helping me access my inner wisdom and power to find my highest calling. She also provided incredible support in mapping out the practical steps for attaining positive outcomes. - Jeanna Boyd

I set an appointment to see Rebecca because I was suffering from headaches and my doctor referred me to her for some health coaching, since medical intervention wasn't working. She took me through an amazing process - The Circle of Life. I became aware of the root cause of my health problem! By changing my nutrition and resolving some stressful relationships, I am now well. - Liz Petrillo

Rebecca saved my life - I mean it - literally and figuratively! I was a participant of one of her cancer support groups. I worked with her individually as well. At the most intensely scary and devastating time in my life, Rebecca helped me access healing of my soul. She taught me empowering self-healing methods. My appreciation is profoundly sincere, she is an angel in my life!!! - Lynne Cleary

I saw Rebecca because I was deeply depressed and had very adverse effects from antidepressants. She had me assess my whole life to see what gave me a feeling of energy or joy and what in my life was draining me or keeping me separated from what I wanted in life. We worked with my strengths and inner knowing and then began, step by step to help me channel my energy in a new direction. She gave me the tools to breakthrough my barriers and I am now waking up early and excited about my life. I feel empowered and lighter. - Sandy Gifford

Rebecca is highly intuitive and comes from the heart, yet she is very grounded. As an artist I needed assistance from someone who would be sensitive, yet could be dynamic, to help me move forward into making a living doing my art. We did it! - J. Thomas



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